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Christopher Nolan’s new film Dunkirk comes out this week, which means it’s a fine time to look back at the director’s titanic filmography. While there are several through-lines to his work—byzantine plotting, masterful recurring actors, a relish for analog effects and the texture of film—it’s also surprisingly diverse, from the modern noir of his earliest works to the superhero trilogy that launched him into the stratosphere. His work in sci-fi—The Prestige and Inception—remains some of his most cerebral and puzzled-over, and perhaps no image in his oeuvre has captured filmgoers’ imaginations quite like the final one of Inception. Originally released in 2010, it’s a film strangely out of time, but it begs the question of how it might be tweaked to be relevant in 2017. Brave YouTuber Edward Usher has postulated an answer.

Really makes you think.

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