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Inanimate washing machine drops extremely dope new track

Look, there are many videos of washing machines out there making music. Attach a huge motor to a piece of metal that is designed to do one thing—spin at an exact speed for a long time—hook that fucker up in a cavernous, cramped basement and watch as, somehow, the machine makes music. Part of this is the magic of rhythm, that mysterious reverie we’re drawn into any time we hear something precisely repeated, and part of this is the magic of the internet, wherein videos of stupid shit around someone’s house is liable to rack up a couple million views.

Still: This has got to be the dopest shit ever produced by a washing machine.

Phenomenal new Aphex Twin track. 🔥🔥🔥 pic.twitter.com/sDUQm4EEzl

— Andy (@alreadytaken74) March 28, 2017

The tweet’s Aphex Twin point is well-taken, although to our ears it could just as easily be HEALTH, Fuck Buttons, Black Dice, Lightning Bolt, or any other primal, drum-friendly noise group of the past 10 or 15 years. Loop this thing for 10 minutes and then layer some feedback over top and you’ve got a solid B+ Sacred Bones release.


If interested, check out this earlier work by inanimate washing machine:

Or these folksier takes:

We eagerly await the inanimate washing machine’s co-production on Turbografx 16.

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