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In yet another twist, The Killing may be picked up by Netflix or DirecTV

Last month AMC put The Killing in the proverbial car trunk and drowned it for seemingly straightforward reasons, but as promised in the twist delivered in its cancellation's final minutes, nothing is ever so clear-cut, because we maybe should consider something about Muslims? Or also because, more relevantly, TV Line says that Netflix and DirecTV—who have rescued series like Arrested Development, Damages, and Friday Night Lights (and in Netflix's case, also picked through the rummage sales of Terra Nova, The River, and Jericho)—are both in early talks about giving the show a third season. As of now, of course, they're just chewing it over, slowly and repeatedly, their faces a morose yet inscrutably blank slate, their motives a mystery, their sweaters a wooly enigma. But soon enough they'll have an answer—and don't be surprised if it only leads to more tangential and ultimately irrelevant questions, because that is how good storytelling works.


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