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In which we provide you with the softball set-up news of Carla Gugino starring in MILF

Famed Son-In-Law star Carla Gugino is reportedly in talks to star in the new thriller MILF—a deliberately provocative title that actually stands for Mothers I’d Like To Fight, but which is obviously impossible to mention without discussing whether you would or would not like to have intercourse with Carla Gugino. So go ahead and do that now, and we’ll be waiting here with the rest of the details when you’re done.

All set? Okay: MILF is the story of a woman recently released from prison who “returns to the street to take care of some unfinished business”—so it’s a revenge story along the lines of Point Blank or Kill Bill, we suppose, only with Gugino bringing the pain and P2 director Franck Khalfoun and producer Alexandre Aja hopefully bringing some of the intensity Aja has brought in the past to films like Haute Tension and The Hills Have Eyes. And if it works, it could end up being the perfect vehicle to finally launch Gugino as one of Hollywood’s go-to female badasses, after she’s already proved her mettle in stuff like Sin City and Karen Sisco and… You’re still hung up on that title, aren’t you? We don't blame you. It's called MILF, for fuck's sake.


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