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In which David Milch's involvement forces us to reconsider a Heavy Rain adaptation

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When it was announced that cinematic, “interactive drama” game Heavy Rain would be adapted into a straightforward, non-interactive drama, we greeted the project with some skepticism—which is to say, we thought the idea was stupid and redundant, and it made us ball up our fist and shake it vigorously at the computer screen. But we have to reconsider our position now that David Milch has reportedly signed on to write the screenplay. The man behind Deadwood and NYPD Blue has never written a feature film before, and while a video game adaptation seems an odd place to start, it sort of supports Heavy Rain’s declarations that it's more than just an ordinary video game—and of course, Milch’s knack for knotty, interwoven storylines should lend itself to a plot that involves four different characters pursuing a serial killer toward their own ends and with their own objectives. Milch plans to get started on Heavy Rain as soon as he finishes the first season of his upcoming HBO drama Luck, and now that we’ve waffled, we kind of can’t wait. But honestly, we’re pretty much interested in Milch tackling anything; we’d probably watch him adapt Q*bert if he were so inclined. (“Many times, that’s what the fuck life is… one vile fucking cube after another.” Actually, we really want to see that now.)


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