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In weirdly predictable ironic twist, Trump administration falls for email scam

(Photo: Getty Images, Chip Somodevilla)

Pretty much every Republican politician has been trained to believe that whatever Hillary Clinton did with those emails is the worst thing any person has ever done, especially because Republican politicians—a group that primarily consists of old, out-of-touch white men—are all technology experts who sling emails like Tron tossing discs in that movie Tron. In a weird (and yet wholly predictable) ironic twist, though, the Trump administration has just been fooled by a rather inelegant email scam.

According to CNN, an “email prankster” posed as several officials from Trump’s White House and was able to trick multiple high-level people into communicating with him—including Homeland Security adviser Tom Bossert, who is actually in charge of maintaining cyber security. The prankster posed as Jared Kushner and email Bossert about some big party he was planning that would have better food than what they “ate in Iraq,” and not only did Bossert respond as if this was the real Kushner, but he gave the prankster his personal email address without any prompting.


Another prank involved posing as recently fired Chief Of Staff Reince Priebus and goading his nemesis Anthony Scaramucci a bit, with the prankster sending a lengthy message to the Mooch (who also recently got fired) about his lack of class. Naturally, Scaramucci shot back with a snotty thing telling the fake Priebus “you know what you did” and saying that “a man would apologize.” The fake Priebus responded to that, pointing out how rocky Scaramucci’s very short White House tenure was, which apparently prompted him to tell the prankster to “read Shakespeare. Particularly Othello.”

A later scheme, in which the prankster tried to trick Eric Trump into thinking he was his brother didn’t work out, with the Trump son notifying the prankster that his message had been sent to law enforcement. The prankster told CNN that he never heard anything from the police or FBI, though. Also, it’s unclear what the point of any of this was beyond trying to make the Trump administration look stupid and out of its depth, but surely there would’ve been an easier way to do that.

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