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HBO’s 2015 documentary series The Jinx famously ended with subject—and murder suspect—Robert Durst walking into a bathroom while still wearing a mic and seemingly confessing to the murders he had been accused of by saying, “What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course.” It was a shocking twist, even though the cops did spoil it somewhat by arresting Durst before everyone had a chance to catch up on The Jinx, and it turns out that Durst is well aware of how much he screwed himself in the documentary.

As reported by Deadline, an audio recording of Durst speaking on the phone while he was in jail was played recently at a pre-trial hearing, and on the tape he said he realized that he “definitely had a problem” while watching The Jinx. He said he regretted doing the interviews that ultimately led to his arrest, unsurprisingly, and the hearing reportedly involved testimonies from witnesses who said he had a “propensity for rambling confessions” like the one heard at the end of The Jinx.


The Deadline story says Durst was arrested before the finale had aired because they were concerned he would run when he realized how much trouble he was in, and the recording seems to indicate that it was definitely the right move.

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