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In this Full Frontal exclusive, Samantha Bee finds herself in Love Actually with Jeff Goldblum

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The most wonderful time of the year is here, when friends and family sit in front of their second screens for an age-old holiday tradition: picking apart Richard Curtis’ 2003 Christmas-themed rom-com Love Actually. Depending on who you ask, the film is either cynical dreck with a dangerous approach to foreign relations, or it’s incredibly romantic. (There’s yet another camp that doesn’t think it’s much worse than all the Hallmark movies that position giving up your career to sell ornaments made from popsicle sticks with your childhood sweetheart who never moved out of your hometown—and who cares, because there’s nothing else on.)

Regardless of which side you fall on in this debate, we can all agree that, despite a strong showing by the Hogwarts faculty in the cast, the film was missing a certain... something—or someone. Say, an MIT grad slumming it at a cable company before saving the world from an alien invasion, or a different kind of math whiz, who, uh, specializes in chaos theory and poses nearly shirtless before, ah, saving the world from dinosaurs? No, we’ve got it: Jeff Goldblum. Love Actually needed a lot more Jeff Goldblum (and a lot less of a pre-Walking Dead Andrew Lincoln being a huge creep).

Well, among other wrongs that they’ve helped expose, the folks at Full Frontal With Samantha Bee have tweaked a scene in Love Actually to feature a lot more Goldblum (not to mention obscenities in the cue cards). In the exclusive clip above, Samantha Bee ends up at the wrong home—or does she?—on Christmas Eve and manages to make the newly-minted best-selling jazz artist blush.


This Love Actually send-up will air during tonight’s all-new episode; it’s just one in a series of holiday movie parodies that Full Frontal is releasing in the lead-up to its own holiday special, “Christmas On I.C.E.”

“Christmas On I.C.E.” airs December 19 on TBS, with some of the proceeds from the special going to KIND’s Family Separation Response Team. Click here to learn more about the upcoming episode and charity.

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