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In the Spider-Verse, there's a Shaun Of The Dead sequel and a Clone High movie

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Image: Sony Pictures Animation, Screenshot: Shaun Of The Dead (YouTube)

Being a part of the Spider-Verse in Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse seems like a whole lot of fun. Not only would you be able to get rescued by any number of different Spider-people, but the odds of you actually becoming a Spider-person would be significantly better than they are in whatever you call our verse. As it turns out, Into The Spider-Verse actually includes a few more reasons for why the Spider-Verse is great beyond the existence of Spider-people, like that Edgar Wright’s beloved zombie comedy Shaun Of Dead apparently got a sequel called From Dusk Till Shaun:

If Wright’s glimpse at a “tantalizing parallel-universe billboard” isn’t enough for you, the fan service in the Spider-verse gets even better. As noticed by a Reddit user in one of the trailers, there’s also apparently a movie about Abe and JFK from Clone High—the cult classic cartoon created by Into The Spider-Verse writers Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Chance The Rapper also apparently has a fourth album, assuming somebody didn’t rip off his style in the Spider-Verse.

In other Spider-Verse Easter egg news, Collider says that there are multiple Stan Lee cameos, with one being an obvious guy walking on the sidewalk and the others apparently popping up every time there’s a crowd scene or a subway car full of people. We’re going to assume that the Spider-Verse has multiple Stan Lees, then, although that means—unless he’s some kind of cosmic being who exists outside the multiverse—these Stan Lees probably didn’t create the Spider-Man we know from the comic books. Multiverses are complicated, so maybe we should just be happy with our one universe.

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