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In the final Gay Of Thrones, we finally meet Jonathan's dragons

Illustration for article titled In the final iGay Of Thrones/i, we finally meet Jonathans dragons
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Jonathan Van Ness is as good at recapping Game of Thrones as Game Of Thrones is at wedding deaths. They just fit together, they make sense, and they add a little “oomph” to an already good thing. The nicknames for the cast are iconic enough—Baby Kill Bill, Dog The Bounty Hunter, Christina Aguilera, Neph-boo, and Sansa Fierce say hi—but he also brings guests on every week, with some extra special cameos at the end. Even George R.R. Martin appeared in an episode in a Princess Bride capacity. This time, four familiar faces showed up as his dragons, finally putting an end to the question of their whereabouts.

In this final episode ever, Van Ness is accompanied by actress and comedian Celeste Barber as they recap the last moments for the characters on the store. They also point out how hilarious how it was that Jon didn’t really get it through his head that Daenerys was a killer—www.noshit.duh is a fabulous invention, and someone should get on it ASAP. Plus, Barber makes a point: everyone is a murderer in some capacity. Even the show’s creators for killing its heretofore good writing and character development.


After Van Ness asks “Where are my dragons?” one last time, longtime viewers will be happy the know that his dragons were in his egg this whole time. It’s the Fab Five, bringing it all full circle and ending Gay of Thrones on the note it started on: Fabulous, honey.

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