Given yesterday’s tragic (and tragically overdue) news that ITT Technical Institute has been ordered to shut down its enrollment, it seems like a perfect time to watch a bunch of old ITT Tech commercials from 20-odd years ago. There’s a whole cache of them on YouTube, as you’d expect, with each one shining more light on just how far we’ve come since the mid-’90s.

Take, for instance, this clip from 1994, which probably really scared the shit out of anyone who didn’t feel prepared for “the jobs of tomorrow,” a.k.a. anything to do with computers:

This 1995 ITT Tech commercial is equally terrifying, what with its ominous voiceover about how “what you don’t know can hurt you.”

ITT Tech’s 1998 campaign was more optimistic, something that’s reflected in the jazzy music and “cool dude” voiceover used in the next clip. Still, the message is undoubtedly, “you either catch up or get left behind, bucko.”

There are a few more below, though all of them unfortunately lack the scrolling run-through of every associate’s degree ITT Tech offers.