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What started out as people whispering into microphones on YouTube is now a phenomenon. ASMR, otherwise known as autonomous sensory meridian response, has manifested in a myriad of ways, from turtles eating watermelon to hand puppets teaching us how to make movie props to famous reality TV moments being converted into lullabies. Now, after a year of impressive, genre-defining videos, there’s a new type of ASMR we can get behind. And it involves alien Xenomorph murder.

In “ASMR Xenomorph Attack,” YouTuber Rhino Stew has uploaded a cleverly written/staged short film that involves a woman named “ASMR Miranda” receiving a delivery from the Weyland Industries that turns her life awry. After opening the gigantic cargo shipment, Miranda uncovers an Ovomorph (egg) that hatches to reveal a Facehugger who thirsts for a human host to impregnate. Seamlessly, Miranda’s camera follows her from the moment she’s attacked by the Facehugger to the Xenomorph stalking her every move to her trip downstairs, which, somehow, is a spaceship similar to USCSS Nostromo.


While the makeup, editing, camerawork and gags are impressive, the best part is the fact that, despite the hell unfolding she’s still whispering. The video ends on a climax that would make Ridley Scott proud. Pure ASMR magic.

This clip follows ASMR Miranda’s last adventure, which involved a bank robbery alongside two men named Mr. Horse and Nevada. At this rate, Rhino Stew might be pumping out one ASMR video per year, but if they continue being at this level of production we’ll happily wait for 2020's whispered catastrophe.

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