Hot on the levitating heels of those Harry Potter soundscapes—which finally give honorary Hogwarts alumni the house-affiliated ambient soundtracks they’ve always craved—Dangerous Minds has collected a bunch of extended loops of background noise from other favorites of genre cinema. At last, you too can drown out the idle chatter of nearby humans (or are they replicants?) with the soothing hum of Harrison Ford’s Blade Runner apartment. Or maybe you can increase your productivity at work with the unceasing urgency of the alarm sound from Alien. (Made-up studies conclude that expense reports are completed twice as quickly when employees feel like there’s a xenomorph over their shoulder.) Or, you know, you could just dick around with your Star Wars toys for half a day and not have to make any sound effects with your mouth, thanks to the respective loops of an X-Wing and a TIE Fighter.

The tracks are all available at the YouTube channel of user crysknife007, which you may remember from this 12-hour loop of the Battlestar Galactica engine. There are plenty of other sci-fi white-noise machines available from the channel (care to spend a few hours on the bridge of the Discovery One, Dave?), though this project won’t be complete until it features 12 hours (or more) of the blips and hums of Mystery Science Theater 3000’s Satellite Of Love.