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In praise of inventive cinematic end credits

Screenshot: Ferris Bueller's Day Off

When you’re living in a post-Marvel Cinematic Universe world, it’s easy to forget that credits sequences can be anything more than a boring list of names separating the movie you just watched from the 30-second teaser you can’t wait to see. But for many films, watching the credits can be just as entertaining and satisfying as watching the film itself. It just depends on how the particular filmmaker wants to pull it off.

After digging through dozens of memorable credits sequences, the movie lovers over at Cinefix have put together their definitive top-five end credits scenes of all time. More than that, they’ve differentiated between the various types of end credits scenes based on the effect the filmmaker was aiming for. Whether it’s an extended blooper reel from an improvised comedy, a poignant tracking shot accompanied by a somber score, or one of Pixar’s alternatively stylized animation sequences, these end credits invite us to linger in the theater a bit longer and squeeze one last drop of entertainment out of our movie experience.


And also show our appreciation for the hardworking people that made the film, or whatever.

[via Gizmodo]

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