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In our restless dreams, we see this Silent Hill rollercoaster

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Screenshot: Immelman Footers

While we already have Silent Hill rollercoasters in the form of therapy sessions where you confront the shadowy horrors of your most painful life experiences and personal memories, the world has still not given us a more enjoyable, literal kind of thrill ride based on the revered video game series. The closest we’ve come is a virtual rollercoaster created by Immelman Footers that envisions just how well the monster-haunted hellscape of Silent Hill would work as an amusement park attraction.

In a video detailing this work, viewers ride through an elaborate ghost train created in NoLimits2 Pro Roller Coaster Simulation, clenching their butts in anticipation of being plunged into a grimy alternate dimension populated by manifestations of their psychic turmoil. That doesn’t really happen because computers can’t read your mind. But the video, using the Silent Hill movie as a framework, does feature all sorts of iconography, from its mandolin theme and ominous siren to eerie landscapes filled with industrial debris, cult symbols, and violent monsters.

There’s no plan to make this thing actually exist, which stinks because the video certainly sells the concept of a horror video game-themed rollercoaster well. For now, we’ll have to content ourselves with our fallback real-life Silent Hill experience: Taking a pilgrimage to the Kindergarten Cop set on a foggy days

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