Kitty Kat Fan Club (Photo courtesy of Asian Man Records)

San Jose’s Kitty Kat Fan Club likes to describe itself as “a group of friends who love music,” but that understates the power of its lineup. Featuring members of Shinobu, Hard Girls, and even Mike Park—the owner and operator of Asian Man Records—the band boasts a talented membership but doesn’t play it up. Instead, its debut 7-inch, Songs About Cats, takes a simple premise and executes it perfectly. Today The A.V. Club is premiering the video for “You Can Sleep On Top Of Anything,” which sees the band take to a local carnival and cause some victimless hijinks. As the band noted on Facebook, the video shoot cost a whopping $26, but it encapsulates everything that makes the song, and band, work. It shrugs off pretense in order to celebrate the simple things: music, cats, and underwhelming amusement park rides.

Songs About Cats is available now through Asian Man Records.