As we saw from this Saturday’s “Real Housewives Of Disney” sketch on SNL, there are few pop-culture entities that can’t be Disney-fied and consequently made 100 times more disturbing. (Or, as we saw from last night’s Simpsons couch gag, that can’t be Game Of Thrones-ified and made 100 times more awesome.) That pattern extends to this Game Of Thrones recut trailer featuring an assortment of familiar Disney faces standing in for the Starks, Lannisters, et al. It’s not quite a shot-for-shot remake of the original season-two trailer, titled “You Win Or You Die,” but the Disney-to-Westeros substitutions are pretty apt: Robin Hood’s Prince John as Joffrey, Mulan as Arya, and, inevitably, Grumpy as Tyrion. Though the fact that Daenerys becomes Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent speaks to the dearth of badass Disney princesses/dragon owners. But hey, at least she’s not Pete from Pete’s Dragon.

And here’s the original for comparison:


Season 2: Preview - You Win or You Die