We already knew this weekend’s Saturday Night Live would mean saying goodbye to Bill Hader and to the younger, more innocent Kanye West who hadn’t yet gotten really into Nine Inch Nails and Naomi Klein. But it wasn’t until the hours just before the show aired that longstanding rumors of Fred Armisen’s departure were seemingly confirmed via this tweet from his pal Carrie Brownstein. Armisen’s quiet exit from SNL—which still hasn’t been officially announced, by the way—received an appropriately low-key acknowledgment on the show, with Armisen reprising Margaret Thatcher-loving punk Ian Rubbish for a farewell he and Hader framed as the two of them “going on tour… but it doesn’t mean we won’t still play together.” (Read into the inclusion of drummer Jason Sudeikis, also rumored to be leaving, what you will.)

And then, because he’s Fred Armisen, a bunch of punk and indie-rock all-stars joined them on stage for a rendition of “A Lovely Day,” including Brownstein, Steve Jones, J Mascis, Kim Gordon, Aimee Mann, and Michael Penn. And then, because he's Fred Armisen, all of those people starred in one last sketch of "The Californians." (Just kidding.)


Anyway, here’s the video of that, in case you missed it.