Captain America: The First Avenger

The comic-book nation’s star-spangled sweetheart ran into a bit of an image issue last week, when it was revealed that Steve Rogers a.k.a. the original Captain America—or The First Avenger—has probably been working for Hydra all along. At least, that’s the presumed history behind his utterance of the “Hail Hydra” catchphrase. And while even this most shocking of heel turns will almost certainly eventually be waved away, Cap still has to contend with internet backlash, courtesy of that other land of the red, white, and blue.

Well, sort of—according to Mashable, British viewers have it out for Chris Evans, the new host of Top Gear, and they don’t care if they have to berate Chris Evans the actor in order to oust the bespectacled redhead. It seems that despite having Matt “How You Doin’” Leblanc, the British Evans failed to connect with viewers after the season premiere of Top Gear. Some detractors even described the revamped show as having the same air as “unfunny celebrity sketches.” The dullness of the season opener sent Top Gear fans to Twitter to aim their ire directly at Evans.

The only problem was that these tweeters were apparently so livid, they forgot to type the “a” at the beginning of the host’s Twitter handle. So they ended up denouncing the Bostonian Evans, who must have been confused by all the people telling him to stop shouting.


Neither Evans has weighed in on the case of mistaken identity, but at least one British person has apologized for confusing the two, while another has suggested the two men swap places.