(Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=99NO28P8ybs)

For most of us, all it would take for a portable bathroom at a music festival to be “magic” would be for it not to smell like 500 gallons of human excrement cooking gently in the summer sun. But the public performers of Improv Everywhere have a higher standard of enchanted toilet, apparently, because they’ve brought their “Magical Porta Potty” for a second year to New York’s Governors Ball music festival.

The gimmick is simple: Unsuspecting person walks up to the porta potty, probably needing to pee. Unsuspecting person opens door. Unsuspecting person steps back in shock as an entire wedding party, or dozens of mummies, or a full prison jail break, suddenly stream out of the john. Repeat, with as many different costumes as the Improv Everywhere people have on hand. (And our guess is, if you’re really into Improv Everywhere, that number’s probably pretty high.) As with most of the group’s output, it’s a few minutes of high-preparation, high-laughter, and harmless fun (at least, if you’re not someone who’s desperately waiting while a billion whimsicial mariachis go running out of what you thought was a place to piss.)


[via Laughing Squid]