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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Not since Indiana Jones convinced people that they would get to use a revolver and bullwhip to conduct archaeology has a career held so much empty promise as graphic design. With a vagueness that implies both artistic freedom and a real paycheck, countless college grads have been lured with the promise of selling important clients on iconic logos.


Of course, if you haven’t entered the inner sanctum of Adobe Illustrator, you never discovered that “graphic designer” usually means scratching out a living, squinting at font kerning, and adjusting color saturation until a supervising art director is satisfied. But ignorance is bliss, and that’s why it sounds cool. “I’m a graphic designer.” It’s like shorthand for saying “I’m a folk musician who can afford to drive a BMW that’s less than 10 years old.”

Laughing Squid has picked up on Hollywood’s propensity to use the profession to quickly confer generic coolness. This supercut pays homage to the world’s most overrated desk job.

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