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Imogen Poots will date a serial killer in new romantic comedy

(Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Jenny Anderson)

24 years after the release of So I Married An Axe Murderer, another romantic comedy about a serial killer is finally in the works. The project comes from writer/director Jena Friedman, and it’s called Serial Dater. Deadline is reporting that Imogen Poots has signed on to star in the film, and she’ll be playing “a career-driven 30-year-old surviving singleton in New York City” who decides to finally give in to pressure from her mom and try to settle down with a nice guy after “a series of fleeting flings.” Unfortunately, after she finally finds someone special, people who “who have recently been rude to her” start mysteriously dying, prompting her to wonder if this new beau is actually a murderer—and if that realization is worse than going back to being single again.

Deadline says that Timothy Simons from Veep has also been cast in Serial Dater, but the story doesn’t specifically say if he’s going to be the (alleged) serial killer or not.


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