According to The Wrap, Luke Wilson and Imogen Poots will star in Cameron Crowe’s Showtime pilot about roadies, which is appropriately titled Roadies. The series will focus on the hardworking, surly assholes who make a rock and roll tour happen, with their expert loading of instruments into cases, wrapping up of cables, and wearing of bandanas. The Wrap says that any actual details about what characters Poots and Wilson will be playing “are being kept under wraps” for some reason.

J.J. Abrams and his Bad Robot studio is also on board, with Crowe saying that he came up with the idea for the show because he and Abrams are “fans of crews.” Also, Crowe has spent a lot of time following Pearl Jam around, so he might as well get some ideas out of those experiences other than movies about Pearl Jam and movies that are practically about Pearl Jam. Roadies is still pretty early in development, so we don’t know when—or if—it’ll hit Showtime, but we’ll make sure to come up with some more jokes about how much Cameron Crowe loves Pearl Jam when it does.