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Illustration for article titled Immovable object Kanye West and unstoppable force Taylor Swift are “definitely” going into the studio

Ever since the dawn of time, Kanye West and Taylor Swift have had some kind of perfect yin-yang-style relationship. It’s like one of them is Megatron and the other one is Optimus Prime, or one of them is The Flash and the other is Professor Zoom (a.k.a. The Reverse Flash). Separately, they’re both virtually unstoppable. When brought together in battle, though, they’ll always fight to a standstill. Neither can truly defeat the other, for it is the simple fact of the other’s existence that drives them to succeed. However, if they were to work together and combine their considerable strengths, there would be nothing powerful enough to stop them. The entire world would be remade in their image—at least the parts that haven’t been already.

“Luckily, that’ll never happen,” you say, clutching your family close. “The girl who trademarked ‘this sick beat’ and the guy who can’t help but literally stand up for ‘artistry’ would never work together!”


Well, it’s high time that you open your foolish eyes and stop lying to yourself, or else you’ll be bowing at the throne of Kanye and Swift before you even realize it. It’s already happening, and it’s probably too late for anyone to stop it.

OK, it’s not already happening, but it’s apparently happening soon. Speaking with Ryan Seacrest’s radio show (via Page Six), Kanye claimed that “[Taylor Swift] wants to get in the studio,” and that the two of them are “definitely going to go in.” As for why Kanye would work with Swift at all, he mentioned his respect for “any artist with an amazing point of view, perspective, fan base,” adding, “I don’t discriminate, I don’t have an elitism of music because of like how many Grammys or you know, the amount of ratings you get on an album.” You know why he doesn’t care about that stuff? Because he respects the artistry, unlike certain hacks who have never worked with T-Swizzle. That’s right, Beck. We’re talking about you. Kneel before the great and everlasting Kanye/Swift empire, lest ye be crushed under its custom unicorn-branded Adidas shoes.

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