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IMDb is shutting down its message boards

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For more than two decades, the Internet Movie Database’s message boards have existed as a forum for online cineastes to discuss film history, modern trends in movie-making, and also which actresses they’d like to fuck. (With the added thrill of having their lecherous comments possibly displayed on the performer in question’s page.) But now, this online Algonquin Round Table will be shuttering its doors at last, with the Amazon-owned company announcing that it will close down its message boards on February 20.

IMDb noted that much of its online communication has moved into the realm of social media, with fans engaging to discuss their hatred of all-female reboots on its Facebook or Twitter pages instead. “We have concluded that IMDb’s message boards are no longer providing a positive, useful experience,” IMDb wrote, even though we didn’t know you could just do that. We can only hope that this radical “positive and useful” criteria doesn’t spread any further, lest the entirety of the internet suddenly be shut down in a destructive burst of horrific self-realization and inward-looking despair.


[via Variety]

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