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IMAX realizes that America doesn’t want a bunch of lame 3-D films after all

Photo: Zhang Peng/LightRocket via Getty

The fad of post-converting every studio tentpole into 3-D that’s been around for the past seven years or so has officially gone on for six and a half years too long at this point. And while there are certainly films that are worth seeing in the format, those are the exception, not the rule, something it looks like IMAX is finally figuring out. The Wrap reports that the company has at long last realized that maybe we don’t want to strap on a pair of uncomfortable and cheap plastic glasses every time we go to the movies just so we can see a couple of buildings take on the slight impression of depth, or make Cara Delevingne seem lifelike. In other words, IMAX is officially going to start pulling back on 3-D releases, so we can all stop having to make sure we’re buying tickets for the 2-D screening.

Perhaps remembering that IMAX already has a built-in reason people want to go see films in that format, IMAX Entertainment CEO Greg Foster said that the strong performance of Dunkirk—filmed with IMAX cameras but shown exclusively in 2-D—has encouraged the company to stop trying to make 3-D happen. While Hollywood produced a record-setting 68 3-D releases last year, attendance for those films overall dropped by 8 percent. As a result, Foster said, there will be a lot fewer films produced in the headache-inducing format, starting with the October IMAX release of Blade Runner 2049, a film you’ll only be able to watch in good old 2-D. And thank god for that, because who knows if we could’ve even handled a full three-dimensional Harrison Ford grimace.


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