Game Of Thrones

Without ambiguity, Game Of Thrones’ Joffrey Baratheon is an unlikable character. Though raised to believe he is the son of king Robert Baratheon, the audience is well aware that he is the product of incest, but this does not evoke sympathy when he is ordering the killings of Starks, peasants, and all of his father’s illegitimate children. And beyond his actions of cruelty is his overall hateful demeanor, which oscillates between cowardly to arrogant.

A new video edited by YouTube channel Bloodblitz takes a different view of Joffrey, imagining him as the hero of Game Of Thrones rather than one of its primary villains. The clip shows Joffrey as the romantic, wooing Sansa Stark with his charm. He’s a war hero, leading the defense of King’s Landing. We see Joffrey with parents that mistreated him, an uncle that humiliated him, and a queen that ultimately murdered him. Is it enough to make you reconsider Joffrey as a character? Well, no, but it’s enough to make you realize that the character had three-and-a-half minutes of screen time that can be interpreted as heroic.

[via Mashable]