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Imagine Alice In Wonderland’s mad tea party in the style of 17 artists

Programmer and artist Gene Kogan has reimagined one of the classic movie dream sequences. He recreated the mad tea party scene from 1951 animated movie Alice In Wonderland in the style of 17 artists.

His video below seamlessly flows from Pablo Picasso to Georgia O’Keeffe to S.H. Raza to Hokusai to Frida Kahlo to Vincent Van Gogh to Tarsila to Saloua Raouda to Choucair to Lee Krasner to Sol LeWitt to Wu Guanzhong to Elaine De Kooning to Ibrahim El-Salahi to Minnie Pwerle to Jean-Michel Basquiat to Edvard Munch to Natalia Goncharova. The video shows the original animation, a sample of the artist’s work, and the restyled clip.


Why is a Raven Like a Writing Desk? from Gene Kogan on Vimeo.

Kogan says the project was easier than one would think. He started playing with Stylenet animation software about two weeks ago. On Vimeo, Kogan writes, “Thanks to Justin Johnson, Kai Sheng Tai, Kyle McDonald, Samim, and Lewis Carroll for software, tips, and other contributions.”

In his latest experiment, below, he uses Stylenet to restyle the Mona Lisa in Egyptian hieroglyphs, crab nebula, and Google maps.


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