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Imagine a world where Idris Elba sucks with this trailer for DJ comedy series Turn Up Charlie

Idris Elba is handsome and cool and always seems like he has everything under control, which is probably why everyone wants him to play James Bond, but this trailer for his upcoming Netflix series Turn Up Charlie dares to ask a fascinating question: What if Idris Elba was all of those things, but also he was a struggling DJ who acts like a frat guy? That’s not something we’ve ever wanted to know the answer to, but here it is anyway. In this trailer, Elba’s character—the eponymous Charlie—is under the impression that his famous friend is about to offer him a hot DJ gig, but it turns out that he just wants this older guy who likes to yell at his friends about pissing in lemonade to watch his young daughter. Look, it’s a comedy show, so it’s not worth picking apart like a serious drama, but this seems like a character that might’ve been more believable with an actor who was both younger and uglier than Idris Elba.

Anyway, Turn Up Charlie will premiere on Netflix on March 15.

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