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Imagine a Titanic in which Jeremy Sisto is king of the world

Today’s Blu-ray release of Titanic—which somehow isn’t already on Blu-ray—brings with it more than six hours of bonus footage to trick you into caring about Titanic again, including this eight-minute clip of a then-19-year-old Kate Winslet’s first screen test for the film. That Winslet gives an assured performance shouldn’t be surprising given her subsequent career, but what is surprising is that she does so while bouncing off the sentient block of wood that is Jeremy Sisto as Jack. Imagine what could have been as you take in Sisto’s mumbly, distracted take on the role that would eventually go to Leonardo DiCaprio, who reportedly stepped in when Sisto missed his second audition because he was busy looking for his Cranberries CD out on the quad.


[h/t Bleeding Cool]

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