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Imagine a better world in which this Breaking Bad RPG exists

In case you haven’t been around for the past few years, we here at The A.V. Club are mighty big fans of AMC’s Breaking Bad, and we’ll use any excuse to talk about it. This includes sneakers, Tumblr mashups with Parks And Recreation, and now videos of a hypothetical RPG game based on the series.

Sure, it’s not playable like the NES version of The Great Gatsby—it’s only a CollegeHumor trailer for what a game would look like, including an 8-bit audio version of the title sequence—but it still has some pretty great old-timey videogame moments (that are also spoilers, so beware). Gus uses his box-cutter attack in the RPG-style battle, while Walt is able to combine unique items from his inventory to create the weapon able to defeat Gustavo Fring—but at what cost? If some intrepid game designers want to make this thing happen for real, we’re going to see a pretty big dip in productivity.


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