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"I'm not dead," argues rapper Game

Despite the protestations of the Internet, rapper Game (né The Game) is not dead. A rumor that the former G-Unit member had been shot in the head at L.A.’s Beverly Center spread across Twitter and various blogs late last night, to the point that “the game dies in shooting” was, according to EW, the No. 1 trend on Google today. And while many remained skeptical due to the complete lack of reports from legitimate, old-timey news organizations, the story became so pervasive that Game himself was forced to take time from Googling “the game dies in shooting” to issue an official press statement, which also doubled as a self-serving publicity push for his upcoming new album, the timing of which is probably totally coincidental:

"All these rumors that I've been shot are phony just like half the rappers in the game," Game told AllHipHop.com in an exclusive statement. "I'm still here, promoting my R.E.D. Album, so when it drops, go get it or else you might end up dead like me (laughs)."

(Laughs) indeed, Game. (Laughs) indeed.


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