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Ilana Glazer’s new comedy will make smart historical observations and weed jokes

Broad City

More details have emerged about Ilana Glazer’s new pot comedy, Time Traveling Bong, which will see one half of the Broad City duo branch out into the dimension-traversing territory of Marty McFly and the various crews of the various USS Enterprises. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Glazer indicated that the first producer cuts for the ganja-geared miniseries have already been “shat out” (that’s an industry term). Subsequent analysis (by herself and Broad City’s Paul W. Downs) has revealed that the comedy is “so stupid” and yet “it’s smart,” which sounds like an appropriate combination of descriptors for a show about a bong that takes its users across the space-time continuum, but presumably only when lit.

Abbi Jacobson also sat in on the interview, and noted that “very smart observations about history” are made in Time Traveling Bong, which will star Glazer and Downs as cousins who rip through historical periods until their water pipe breaks and strands them in the very fabric of space-time (and probably with the worst case of the munchies). The apparatus will take them to the Salem witch trials (“obviously”); the “paleo[lithic] period,” which Glazer thinks she would have ruled; and of course, to visit the Oracle Of Delphi—we mean Gary, Indiana—Michael Jackson.


When asked if their fans are ready to “see [them] apart” in separate creative ventures, Glazer admitted that working on individual projects is “scary,” while Jacobson said “our individual voices make our collective one, but we have different things we want to explore more.” Glazer doesn’t think they have enough name recognition for fans to be too disappointed at seeing them outside of their Broad City roles, presumably because she hasn’t met all the Abbi and Ilana cosplayers out there.

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