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IGN’s Greg Miller has been thoroughly, carefully reviewing Oreo cookies

Oreo, clearly, has gone quite mad. Once prized for its comforting predictability, Nabisco’s creme-filled sandwich cookie lately seems intent upon offering perverse mutations of its original self in an apparent attempt to grab the attention of an ever-more-jaded public. New Oreo flavors, each more gimmicky and unlikely than the last, have been appearing on our supermarket shelves with alarming regularity in recent years. Birthday cake. Pumpkin spice. Watermelon, for God’s sake. Where does it end? And who, pray tell, will make sense of all this? (Besides us, of course…) The answer turns out to be IGN’s Greg Miller, aka GameOverGreggy, who has been systematically reviewing these novelty cookies over on his Kinda Funny YouTube channel in a feature called Oreo Oration.

The videos, though as entertainingly jokey and chatty as one might hope, also function as earnest and genuine product reviews. Miller does not just take a bite out of each cookie, make a snarky comment, and move on. No, he subjects these Oreos to a variety of tests and gives the audience his genuine reactions along the way. Cookies are judged on appearance, bouquet, flavor, texture, twist-ability, and compatibility with milk. (Lest things become too serious, Miller is humorously undermined by a running text commentary on the right side of the screen.) The critic also tells us under what circumstances, if any, he would eat these Oreos outside of a YouTube video. Limeade Oreos, for instance, are judged appropriate for a cotillion where young ladies wear white sundresses. Perhaps the best episodes, however, occur when Miller is completely won over by a new Oreo flavor, as in his rhapsodic appraisal of Marshmallow Crispy Oreos.


[via The Daily Dot]

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