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Iggy Pop to tell his story in new book about The Stooges

(Photo: Getty Images)

Iggy Pop released what might be his final album earlier this year, but that’s not the last we’ll hear from the howling, frequently shirtless frontman of The Stooges. He’ll also be indirectly telling the story of his life in a new book by Jeff Gold and Johan Kugelberg called Total Chaos: The Story Of The Stooges - As Told By Iggy Pop. Gold and Kugelberg reportedly spent two days interviewing Pop, walking away from the extended chat with what the press release calls an “almost unbelievable tale” of how Pop founded The Stooges, as well as the “alternately tragic and triumphant story” of the group’s rise, fall, and then second rise almost 30 years later.

So Total Chaos won’t technically be written by Iggy Pop. But it will be an authorized account of his story and will feature contributions from Ben Blackwell, Joan Jett, Johnny Marr, Jack White, and others. The book is coming from White’s Third Man Books, and it’ll be available this winter.


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