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Iggy Azalea will appear in Fast & Furious 7 for some reason

Illustration for article titled Iggy Azalea will appear in iFast  Furious 7/i for some reason

The Fast & Furious movies (née The Fast & The Furious) are about a handful of very specific things: bros, fast cars, love, bros who love fast cars, and being so fancy. Despite the last one there, though, you wouldn’t necessarily expect Iggy Azalea—who sings that song about being fancy—to have anything to do with the series. And yet, she apparently does. During an interview with SkyrockFM, Vin Diesel revealed that Azalea actually filmed a cameo for Fast & Furious 7, and that’s it. We literally know nothing about it beyond that, but that’s OK, because wild speculation is always more fun than simply reporting the details of cameo appearances that singers make in car movies.

Maybe she’ll play the estranged daughter of Paul Walker’s character, and this cameo is being used to tease the fact that she’ll become the main character in future installments. Maybe she’ll sing about whatever is happening in the movie, like Vanilla Ice did in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II: Secret Of The Ooze. We’re thinking of something like: “I’m so fa-a-ast / You already know / I’m in the fast lane / From L.A. to Tokyo (drift) / I’m so furious / Can’t you taste this gold / Remember my name / I’m Paul Walker’s character’s secret daughter.” It gets a bit wordy at the end, but we still think it’s a pretty hip tune.

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