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The Smoking Gun has gotten hold of the 28-page rider for Iggy And The Stooges' current tour, and while it contains the standard conditions on which the band will perform at a given venue like any rider is supposed to, it also features a generous amount of jokes, asides, and embellishment courtesy of its author (and the Stooges' stage manager), Jos Grain. Much of the packet doesn't even have anything remotely to do with the setup or amenities requested by the band. In his request for floor fans, for example, Grain mentions that he's "making a hovercraft in [his] spare time." He also refers to the Insane Clown Posse as the "Inane Clown Pussy," so he's quite the wordsmith.


The band originally released its tour rider six years ago, after which the Foo Fighters responded in kind by producing their own absurdist conditions. This whole back-and-forth is probably the best thing to happen to mundane work tasks since office magic.

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