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IFC stops being cool, cancels Garfunkel And Oates

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In disappointing news for fans of comedy shows starring a quirky, fantasy sequence-prone female duo navigating their careers and relationships in the big city—but with less raunchy sex talk and more adorable songs—IFC has canceled Garfunkel And Oates after just one season. The comfy, charming sweater to Broad City’s coarse, sweaty hot pants, Garfunkel And Oates ran for eight episodes last year, showcasing the duo of Riki Lindhome and Kate Micucci as they played a slightly fictionalized, far less popular version of their real-life comedy-musical act. (And in that sense, they were a lot more Flight Of The Conchords than Broad City.)


At the time, it was part of IFC’s big push into doing more original comedy programming alongside The Birthday Boys, a show that was also recently canceled. Fortunately, Garfunkel And Oates still exist outside of television, as IFC does not wield that sort of awesome power (yet).

While the cancellation may leave Garfunkel And Oates feeling like losers, at least there’s a song that should cheer them up.

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