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IFC renews Maron for expanded second season

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For that huge cross-section of fans who are enthusiastic boosters of both Bunheads and Maron, Marc Maron’s autobiographical show on IFC, here’s some good news to alleviate some of yesterday’s crushing despair: IFC has renewed Maron for an expanded second season, increasing it to 13 episodes (up from 10 this year) scheduled to première some time in 2014.


Hopefully that means a lot more Josh Brener, who played Maron’s fan-boy assistant, Kyle, but details on the show’s future plans haven’t been released. Presumably it means much more Nora Zehetner, who starred Maron’s much younger girlfriend, one of the many heavily autobiographical elements taken from Maron’s life. Now that Maron is engaged in real life and working on becoming a father, he should have plenty of material for Maron’s second season.

We’ll find out next year. In the meantime, something something Boomer lives.

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