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IFC renews Maron for another season of angst, awkwardness

The third season of Maron ended with the closest thing to a cliffhanger that Marc Maron could (or would) muster—his character fell off the wagon after struggling with sobriety and various other things. But he’ll have plenty more opportunities to get his life back on track, as Deadline reports that IFC has just renewed the show for a fourth season. And the comedian has vowed to make the most of his character’s second (or fourth) chance: “I got the character of me into a bit of trouble last season. I hope I can get him back on track.” But he also made sure to separate himself from his alter ego, telling the publication that “The real me is doing fine.” The fourth season will find Maron looking for a “deeper meaning to life,” presumably with the help of a few famous friends. Production on the new season is set to begin in January.


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