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IFC picks up David Krumholtz’s old lady show

David Krumholtz as Gigi

Back in November, we reported that IFC was developing a series called Gigi’s Bucket List that would star David Krumholtz (Numb3rs, Serenity) as a 72-year-old Jewish grandmother. A recently widowed woman, Gigi discovers that her dead husband had a secret bank account and she decides to use the money to—as per the title—scratch things off of her bucket list. Also, in case it wasn’t clear, Gigi is played by a man.

Now, as reported by Variety, IFC has given Gigi’s Bucket List a straight-to-series order, with the first of eight episodes set to premiere later this year. Also, in case anyone thinks Krumholtz is just an old lady poser who doesn’t have old lady street cred, Variety quotes him as saying, “This character has been living inside me since birth.” He also says that his friends accuse him of “acting like a grandma.” Well, the joke’s on them, because now he’ll be acting like a grandma professionally.


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