IFC has ordered a semi-sequel to The Spoils Of Babylon, the faux-rediscovered faux-miniseries from faux-author Eric Jonrosh that provided the very real revelation that Haley Joel Osment makes a great crazy person. Of course, it’s possible Osment won’t be around this time: While Will Ferrell will return in the Orson Welles-if-he-ate-Ferrell’s-goat-meat-lover-SNL-character role of Jonrosh, introducing viewers to the TV movie adaptation of his first novel, The Spoils Before Dying, it’s expected to feature a new cast. This time it all takes place in “the seedy underbelly of the 1950s jazz scene,” following a jazz pianist turned private eye as he investigates a murder that leads to sexy, jazzy consequences—just like what killed Miles Davis. Haley Joel Osment should play Miles Davis.