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IFC officially no longer stands for "Independent Film Channel"

Following the tide of formerly niche cable networks that have abandoned their once-noble missions in favor of new ones involving Bigfoots and ghosts, IFC has officially renounced its origins as the “Independent Film Channel,” it was confirmed today. That’s likely not a surprise to anyone who’s seen IFC increasingly concentrate on original comedy shows like Portlandia and Arrested Development reruns, but IFC’s break with its past was made formal at this week’s Television Critics Association panel for The Spoils Of Babylon—a miniseries that is neither independent nor a film. Discuss.

“The name ‘Independent Film Channel’ has been legally retired and IFC as an acronym now stands for nothing,” said network president Jennifer Caserta, according to The Hollywood Reporter. “Well, it actually stands for a growing number of smart, funny and original alternative comedies, but our viewers already know that. So, starting today, IFC is legally IFC.”


It’s a redundant announcement, perhaps, but commendable in that Caserta didn't try to graft an awful new meaning onto "IFC," like "Incredibly Funny Comedies." And it's one that should protect IFC going forward, and allow it to keep serving up whatever it wants—whether that’s episodes of Maron or, say, genetically engineered mutant chickens. After all, it’s not like their name promises they won’t serve you mutant chickens.

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