Jon Benjamin Has A Van

According to a press release, IFC has ordered a pilot for a new series called Jon Benjamin’s 100 Erotic Nights, which is a title that should certainly pique the interest—so to speak—of anyone who is familiar with Benjamin’s inarguably sexy work on Bob’s Burgers, Archer, and Jon Benjamin Has A Van. The project is being written by Benjamin with Nathan For You and Review veteran Leo Allen, and will reportedly be a “comedic and wild anthology series of 100 very personal, lurid tales of secret passion, burning desire, and ruthless betrayal” that are all narrated by Benjamin. The stories will apparently feature a “local waitress,” “a church nun,” and “a lover who’s revealed to be a robot,” with Benjamin’s narrator “[witnessing] all the passion in the world around us, while never benefitting from it himself.”

The pilot is being filmed soon in New York, so it’ll probably be a bit before it airs on IFC—if it does at all—but at least everyone gets to appreciate this extremely sexy news story.