As IFC continues to reinvent itself as a go-to place for off-kilter comedy, the network is now offering nourishment to younger comedy hopefuls via its newly launched digital hub, the Comedy Crib. With the announcement of the Comedy Crib also comes the launch of four new short-form video series, and probably dozens of jokes about crib death.

Of the four shows found in the Comedy Crib at launch, half of them‚ÄĒComedy Drop and Clickbait Overdrive‚ÄĒserve as makeshift challenges for comedians, seeing them performing sets in strange locations with little notice, or writing and producing a sketch video in the span of eight hours, with the former being produced by Upright Citizens Brigade. On the scripted side of the coin are the UCB-produced Laurie and John And Geoff Are Married, which will be joined by three more series from Lorne Michaels‚Äô Above Average network in 2015.


[via Variety]