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IFC decides it wants to see The Canyons anyway

Sparing the film from existing solely as rabbit-hole-penetrating porn parody or hot, sexy, cautionary tale, IFC has picked up The Canyons, Paul Schrader’s experiment in mixing the acid taste of watching Lindsay Lohan with Bret Easton Ellis’ increasingly base writing. No official debut date has been revealed yet for the film even SXSW rejected for its “ugliness and deadness,” but IFC did announce in a press release—one that called Lohan’s performance “fearless,” “stunning,” and “terrific” while still asking you to read it as factual—that it will be out sometime this summer, presumably in a limited theatrical run concurrent with video on demand. The latter, at least, will facilitate The Canyons’ most likely viewing audience of campy cocktail-fueled viewing parties.

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