In case the live tours, spinoff books, and Simpsons guest spots hadn’t already clued you in, Portlandia is officially part of the zeitgeist, so it’s no surprise to hear that IFC has already renewed it for a third season, where the show can continue its inevitable journey to becoming mainstream and so over. The announcement was made at IFC’s first-ever upfront presentation since becoming an ad-supported network (speaking of selling out to The Man), where it also confirmed another season of competitive beard-growing series Whisker Wars, and revealed several more original comedies launching within the next year.

Those include this summer’s Comedy Bang Bang and the recently confirmed Maron, the animated coming-of-age series Out There, and Kurt Braunohler’s mock game show Bunk, which asks contestants to “respond to images they’ve never seen before, make up songs on the spot, complete drawing and sculpture challenges, and interact with modern dancers, puppies, babies, gospel singers and more.” Bunk would easily be the most ridiculous show on the network were IFC not also prepping another dozen or so chapters of R. Kelly’s never-ending Trapped In The Closet, which will just continue introducing characters until it finally gets around to all of us, we guess.