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If you've ever wanted to see Young Sheldon arrested, well, you're in luck

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For more than a month now, Jane Fonda has been dutifully trekking out to Capitol Hill to urge the American government to take immediate action against climate change in a weekly protest called Fire Drill Fridays. Invariably, Fonda is cuffed and sometimes arrested for doing this, along with those, like Ted Danson, who have joined her.

On the other hand, Young Sheldon, protagonist of the Big Bang Theory spin-off of the same name, will never be arrested for his crimes against entertainment. Nonetheless, in an effort to salve the wounds of our natural world and pop culture both, Iain Armitage, the character’s human vessel, is heading to this Friday’s protest where there is the strong possibility he will be placed in handcuffs.

The news comes from a press release announcing in advance that Fonda will be joined by both Armitage and Paul Scheer for this week’s Fire Drill Friday. The goal of the event is, as ever, to continue the climate protest by recruiting celebrities to join activists in demanding environmental action. Perhaps wanting to further increase its visibility, shrewd organizers have now come to the realization that uniting the country in this common cause requires the use of bipartisan symbols like having the child whose face is associated with Young Sheldon being detained by law enforcement officers.


Armitage should be celebrated for his part in this. Not only is he, like the other actors who participate in Fire Drill Fridays, willing to go out and get himself in trouble in order to raise awareness for the climate crisis, but he’s also giving back against all that his TV show has taken away by temporarily sacrificing his freedom for the creation of the image our wounded culture needs to see. Jim Parsons, please take note: Fire Drill Fridays will continue until January.

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