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Well, we’re two trailers into Blumhouse’s violent riff on Fantasy fuckin’ Island and we still don’t know who Michael Rooker is playing.

We do, however, know that Michael Peña is playing the mysterious island owner made famous in the original series by Ricardo Montalbán. But, as both the below clip and our previous peek at the film makes clear, the fantasies Peña’s bringing to fruition for visitors are much more twisted. Lucy Hale, for example, stars as a woman looking to purge some pent-up resentment she still harbors for her high school bully. Maggie Q’s character, meanwhile, sees her dead daughter running on the beaches. Somebody else sees their doppelgänger. Just how supernatural this whole thing is remains as tantalizing vague what role acclaimed character actor Michael Rooker will play.


Watch the new trailer below.

Neater than the trailer is the below poster, which is genuinely kind of badass, though it does set up the expectation that Fantasy Island is actually the skull of some long-dead giant, which sounds like something we’d much rather see over a horror reboot of a 40-year old ABC series.

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Fantasy Island sails into theaters on Valentine’s Day.


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