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If you want to own a pair of Back To The Future sneakers, it will cost you thousands of dollars

As it turns out, yesterday’s Internet-leveling tease for Nike’s Back To The Future II-inspired sneaker was just a ploy, but at least it was a ploy for a good cause: Nike announced yesterday that its Nike MAG would be issued in a limited edition of 1500 pairs available only through auction, with proceeds benefiting The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research. Another caveat: While in all other respects they’re exact replicas—at least for the 3,000 hours of battery life that will keep their lights on—Nike says you’ll still have to wait until 2015, wink wink, for power-laces, despite the widespread assumption that the company’s filing a patent for the technology last year meant they’d finally figured it out.

Still, though the shoes are lacking their most obviously attractive feature, and exist solely to trick you into helping people, there have already been plenty of bidders, including one person who reportedly bought a pair for $37,500 at last night’s Joel McHale-hosted live auction. The numbers are only slightly less intimidating at the eBay-hosted auction, where most are topping out around $5,000. So realistically, the below promo starring Christopher Lloyd, Bill Hader, and Kevin Durant is still as close as most of you are going to get to a pair of these, at least for right now.

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